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Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a state-based national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing dropouts among young people who are most at-risk. In more than three decades of operation, JAG has delivered consistent, compelling results – helping nearly three-quarters of a million young people stay in school through graduation, pursue post-secondary education and secure quality entry-level jobs leading to career advancement opportunities.

Program Components

  1. A competency-based curriculum with pre- and post-tests, integrated math and reading skills building, and highly interactive and motivational activities.
  2. 37 core to 81 employability competencies validated by the business community.

Competency Categories

  • Career Development
  • Leadership & Self Development
  • Job Attainment
  • Job Survival
  • Basic Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Life Survival Skills
  • Work Place Skills

Key Program Elements

  • Removes barriers to academic, personal and career success (absenteeism, GPA, attitude, etc.)
  • Intensive employer marketing, job placement, and follow-up by JAG certified Specialists.
  • A full 12 months of follow-up and support for those entering the workforce and/or pursuing a postsecondary education.

Results and Outcomes

  • 91% graduation rate
  • Placement in post-secondary, employment or military

Barriers to Success


  • Has repeated a grade in high school
  • Low academic performance
  • Basic Skills Deficient (Reading and Math)
  • Limited English Proficiency
  • Did Not Pass State Proficiency Exam
  • Record of Excessive Absences (verified)
  • Record of Suspensions
  • Has Dropped Out of School Previously

Physical and Psychological

  • Special Education
  • Lacks Motivation or Maturity to Pursue Education or Career Goals
  • Emotional Disorder which Impairs Education
  • Has a Disability
  • Health Problems that Impair Education
  • Transportation/Child Care Needs


  • Mother/Father did not graduate from high school
  • Mother/Father does not work
  • Pregnant or has child
  • Documented Alcohol or Substance Abuse
  • Homeless
  • Lives with one or neither natural parent
  • Transportation/Child Care Needs