Our Families

Prospective Families

Thank you for considering the The MSD of Decatur Township. Please call 856-5265 for questions about our schools or to schedule a tour.

Who We Are

The MSD of Decatur Township employs over 300 teachers to educate over 6,000 students in grades Pre-K through 12. In 2013, the Decatur Township Community approved an operating referendum, providing us an estimated 3.5 million dollars a year for transportation and classroom instruction. We are located in Southwest Indianapolis at Kentucky Ave and 465.

What We Believe

We believe a focus on personalized learning is essential for all as we empower growth and development through a high level of expectations well beyond high school graduation. The MSD of Decatur Township employs and develops high quality teachers and leaders to educate students with a strong foundation in academics, technology and strength of character. During their time at the MSD of Decatur Township, learning pathways help students prepare to achieve the life goals they have envisioned through a focus on college and career readiness.

Kindergarten and Pre-K Education

Liberty Early Elementary is home to over 500 of our youngest students. Students achieve at a high level both academically and socially in this fun and age appropriate environment.94% of 2013 kindergarten students were reading at grade level at the end of the year, and nearly 65% were reading at a first grade level. They teach, expect, and reward positive behavior, so all students can follow the school guidelines: Be safe; Be kind; Be responsible.

Elementary Education

Our 5 Elementary Schools educate students in grades 1-6. Although each elementary has a unique identity, there is a uniform focus on math and literacy.

Middle and High School Education

Learning pathways begin in our secondary level. Middle School students choose a small learning community (SLC) whose teaching model fits with their interest. By educating students in their chosen SLC, we create small school atmospheres with unique learning opportunities for our populations of 900+ Middle School Students and 1500+ High School Students.

College and Career Readiness

High school graduation is no longer the finish line. College and Career Readiness is emphasized in all levels, grades Pre-K - 12. Middle and high school students and teachers work specifically with Xello: a web-based college and career planning program that puts students at the heart of their journey of self-discovery.
Our High Schools also offer a variety of AP classes, dual credit college courses and industry certifications.

Digital Transformation

The MSD of Decatur Township is transforming teaching and learning through the use of technology. We are streaming live school programs and sporting events. We also teach distance learning classes to accommodate high ability elementary students who are ready for middle school Math.

All students now have access to their own device. Our Digital Transformation is one of the most important steps  to prepare our students for their future career opportunities.