At Your School (AYS) is a partner service that works with MSD Decatur Township schools to offer before and/or after school care for your children. For more information, go to this link.

 Before and After School Care Before and After School Care; Kids playing

young boy smiling in superhero costume Kids playing before and after school care

About Us

At Your School (AYS) is a trusted partner of MSD Decatur Township that has specialized in creating accessible, reliable, and enriching programs for students and families to thrive beyond the school day for over 40 years. AYS provides parents with the freedom to focus on their careers while their kids receive the academic and social-emotional support they need outside of school hours. Programs focus on Health, Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), and SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) and include homework support, enrichment activities, active play, and healthy snacks. Learn more and enroll today at!

AYS Mission Statement

Create an accessible, reliable, enriching community where every child and family thrive beyond the school day.

AYS Vision

To empower every family to achieve their full potential.


AYS FEELS like home.

  • Fun is at the core of everything we do
  • Empowerment for children and families
  • Ease for families with busy schedules
  • Listening to children and families to better adapt our programs
  • Safety, not just physically but emotionally