School Counseling 

Check our page regularly for timely updates & reminders as well as information and tips on College and Career Readiness. We encourage you to follow your student's school counseling department on social media outlets in order to recieve the most up to date information. 


The MSD of Decatur Township School Counseling Program provides equitable access and opportunities for all students to develop their personal passion areas in pursuit of their full potential. The School Counseling Program fosters a system of support for all students and families to facilitate personal growth, responsibility, academic achievement and preparation for college and career.

Director of Department Name Email Phone
School Counseling Ericka Gayle (317) 856-0900 ext 02106

Contacts at Decatur Middle School

Twitter: @DMSCounselors1
Last Name School Counselor Email Phone

Kim Minner

(317) 856-5274 ext 05003
G-M James Storms (317) 856-5274 ext 05004
N-Z Lori Esparza

(317) 856-5274 ext 05015

Contacts at Decatur Central High School

Twitter: @CounselorsDCHS5
Instagram: @CounselorsDCHS5
SLC School Counselor Email Phone
Choice Karli Urban (317) 856-5288 ext 01618
EDGE Jackson Dutton (317) 856-5288 ext 01616
Innovation  Dianna Case (317) 856-5288 ext 01621
New Tech Austin Dodd (317) 856-5288 ext 01601
Quest & Inquiry  Sarah Wilson (317) 856-5288 ext 01609
Resistrar Kathy Everman (317) 856-5288 ext 01003

Contacts at Decatur Township School for Excellence

Twitter: @msrgayleDTSE
SLC School Counselor Email Phone
Blended Learning
Pathway (BLP)
Ericka Gayle (317) 856-0900 ext 02106
Student Transition &
Enrichment Pathway (STEP)
Ericka Gayle (317) 856-0900 ext 02106
7/8th Grade Liz Venatta (317) 856-5274 ext 05003

Chris Riley

(317) 856-0900 ext 02102