Decatur Township Educational Foundation

Supporting Students and Teachers
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It is the mission of the Decatur Township Educational Foundation to enhance the quality of education and educational opportunities and to generate and distribute financial and other resources for the benefit of the students of the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township for selected programs and projects. The Foundation will carry out its mission by focusing its support in the following areas: facilitating student development; encouraging excellence through creative learning and teaching; and promoting community/school partnerships.

Primary Funds

Technology and Learning Fund

Projects and programs designed to promote and maintain use of the most recent technologies in teaching and learning and to provide experiences for students that will prepare them for the work place and learning place of the twenty-first century.

Scholastic Enhancement Fund

Fulfilling a variety of needs for students and teachers designed to provide learning opportunities beyond the core curriculum.

Arts and Education Fund

Experiences and programs in the fine arts and performing arts that will enhance opportunities for students in the arts as well as promote lifelong enrichment and enjoyment for students, faculty, and the community at large.

Professional Development Fund

Providing funds for teachers and administrators to pursue innovative professional training experiences in support of foundation goals and that would not otherwise be available through traditional resources.

Cultural Enrichment Fund

Programs aimed at exposing students of The Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township to a wide variety of cross-cultural experiences that will help in preparing them for our increasingly global community.