Core 40

Course and Credit requirements = 40 credits
English/Language Arts 8 Credits
Including a balance literature, composition and speech.
Mathematics 6 Credits
2 credits: Algebra I
2 credits: Geometry
2 credits: Algebra II
or complete Integrated Math I, II, and III for 6 credits.
Students must take a math or quantitative reasoning course each year in high school
Science 6 Credits

2 credits: Biology I
2 credits: Chemistry I or Physics I or Integrated Chemistry-Physics
2 credits: any course 40 science course

Social Studies 6 Credits
2 credits: World History and Civilization or Geography/History of the World
2 credits: U.S. History
1 credit: U.S. Government
1 credit: Economics
Directed Electives 5 Credits
World Languages
Fine Arts
Career and Technical Education
Physical Education 2 Credits
or extracurricular substitution
Health and Wellness 1 Credit
or substitute 3 FACS classes
Electives* 6 Credits
(College and Career Pathway courses recommended)