Special Services

(Special Education and English Language Learners)

The Department of Special Education and ELL provides support and services to ALL levels of learners in Decatur Township including Special Education, Section 504, and English Language Learners. We are working hard to share resources, breaking down the silos of the different areas in order to meet each unique need and provide the best possible education for every child in the district.

For information regarding early childhood (preschool) evaluations, please contact:
Early Childhood Assessment Team (ECAT)
317-243-7559 or email a member of the team at ecat@decaturproud.org.

For information or questions about your child’s Individualized Education Program, Section 504 Plan, or Individualized Language Plan please contact:

Amie Kiefer, Director of Special Services

Shannon Preda, Administrative Assistant for Special Services


If you have questions about supports and services for students attending non-public schools or who are homeschooled, please contact Amie Kiefer.