Decatur Central High School People

Photo of Tom Wachnicki

Tom Wachnicki

Principal, Decatur Central High School

Photo of Amanda Abney

Amanda Abney

English Teacher - Edge Academy

Photo of Nathaniel Adams

Nathaniel Adams

Drama Teacher

Photo of Rhonda Adamson

Rhonda Adamson

GeoIED & Algebra Facilitator

Photo of Dean Adler

Dean Adler

Technology Education Teacher - Communications

Photo of Rizkarina Angrenani

Rizkarina Angrenani

Instructional Assistant

Photo of Carrie Arnold

Carrie Arnold

ELL Teacher

Photo of Abdallah Atia

Abdallah Atia

Math Teacher

Photo of Joy Ayers

Joy Ayers

Athletic Secretary

Photo of Deana Beecher

Deana Beecher

Media Specialist

Photo of Brian Belch

Brian Belch

Teacher - Computer Science

Photo of Pete Berg

Pete Berg

Math Teacher

Photo of Adam Bess

Adam Bess

Band Director

Photo of Pete Bitting

Pete Bitting

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Cordel Blair

Cordel Blair

Instructional Assistant - Library Media Center

Photo of Alexander Bodine

Alexander Bodine

English Teacher

Photo of Robert Bowling

Robert Bowling

Criminal Justice Teacher

Photo of Heather Bridwell

Heather Bridwell

English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher

Photo of James Brown

James Brown

English Teacher

Photo of Matt Brown

Matt Brown

Physical Education Teacher

Photo of Absolom Bryant

Absolom Bryant

Instructional Assistant/Coach

Photo of Michelle Buck

Michelle Buck

Instructional Assistant - CIP

Photo of Dakota Bullock

Dakota Bullock

Cummins Therapist

Photo of Geoffrey Bullock

Geoffrey Bullock

English Teacher

Photo of Shelby Burks

Shelby Burks

Teacher - English 9

Photo of Kim Buschard

Kim Buschard

Child Nutrition - Cafe

Photo of Abigail Byrd

Abigail Byrd

Math Teacher

Photo of Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell

Science Teacher

Photo of Nic Carothers

Nic Carothers

Instructional Assistant and Head Girls Basketball Coach

Photo of Betsy Carpenter

Betsy Carpenter

Teacher - CTE and Agriculture

Photo of Whitney Carroll

Whitney Carroll

CIP Teacher

Photo of Dianna Case

Dianna Case

School Counselor

Counselor for ICE Academy (grades 9-12)  

Photo of TroyRita Clark

TroyRita Clark

Instructional Assistant - In School Suspension

Photo of Carmen Clayborn

Carmen Clayborn

Science Teacher

Photo of Emma Cline

Emma Cline

Instructional Assistant

Photo of Brianna Coffey
Photo of Becky Collins

Becky Collins


Photo of Jason Combs

Jason Combs

Social Studies Teacher/Head Baseball Coach

Photo of Mary Conway

Mary Conway


Photo of Chris Cox

Chris Cox

Teacher - English 10 and 11

Photo of Jenna Crafts

Jenna Crafts

Choral Director

Photo of Alee Cummings

Alee Cummings

Quest & Inquiry Office Secretary

Photo of Jose Davila

Jose Davila


Photo of Katie Dees

Katie Dees

English Teacher

Photo of Nicole DeStefano

Nicole DeStefano

Certified Athletic Trainer

Photo of Rebecca Dever

Rebecca Dever

Criminal Justice Teacher

Photo of Justin Dixson

Justin Dixson

Athletic Director

Photo of Ashley Duncan

Ashley Duncan

English Teacher

Photo of Todd Dupke

Todd Dupke

Science Teacher

Photo of Jackson Dutton

Jackson Dutton

School Counselor

Photo of Toni Ehmen

Toni Ehmen

Science Teacher

Photo of Blake Eichelberger

Blake Eichelberger

Choice Academy Learning Center Supervisor

Photo of Aiden Elmquist

Aiden Elmquist

English Teacher

Photo of Callie Enright

Callie Enright

English Teacher

Photo of Kyle Enright

Kyle Enright

Head Football Coach, Weight Room Supervisor

Photo of Cameron Evans

Cameron Evans

Innovation Academy Learning Center Supervisor

Margot Everitt

Cummins Mental Health Counselor

Photo of Kathy Everman

Kathy Everman

Treasurer, Decatur Central High School

Photo of Capriella Fenicle

Capriella Fenicle

Art Teacher

Photo of Julie Flint

Julie Flint

JAG Specialist

Photo of Zachary Foss

Zachary Foss

English Teacher

Photo of Laura Foster

Laura Foster

Math Teacher - Choice Academy

Photo of Michelle Foust

Michelle Foust

Child Nutrition - Cafe

Photo of Tristen Frieden

Tristen Frieden

Math Teacher

Photo of Ericka Gayle

Ericka Gayle

School Counselor

Photo of Brian Gegner

Brian Gegner

Math Teacher - Quest & Inquiry

Photo of Terry Gegner

Terry Gegner

Math Teacher

Photo of Tom Gliva

Tom Gliva

Special Education

Photo of Pam Goldman

Pam Goldman

Comprehensive Intervention Programs (CIP) Teacher

Photo of Arlene Gonzalez

Arlene Gonzalez

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Sydney Gouard

Sydney Gouard

Instructional Assistant

Photo of Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith

Social Studies Teacher, Social Studies Department Chair

Photo of Kristi Griffith

Kristi Griffith

English Teacher

Photo of Christopher Halstead

Christopher Halstead

Assistant Band Director

Photo of Molly Hansen

Molly Hansen

JAG Specialist

Photo of Amanda Harrison

Amanda Harrison

Director, Innovation Academy

Photo of Kara Hartman

Kara Hartman

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Aimee Hawley

Aimee Hawley

Science Teacher, Science Department Chair

Photo of Juanita Hayes

Juanita Hayes

Square One Therapist

Photo of Beth Hensley

Beth Hensley

English Teacher - EDGE Academy

Photo of Chris Hiller

Chris Hiller

Science Teacher

Photo of Lynn Hodgkin

Lynn Hodgkin

District Elementary Media Coordinator

Photo of Andy Hofer

Andy Hofer

Social Studies Teacher, Men's Varsity Golf Coach

Photo of Zach Holzer

Zach Holzer

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Patrick Hoyt

Patrick Hoyt

Biology Teacher Quest & Inquiry

Photo of Brittany Huber

Brittany Huber

Edge Office Secretary

Photo of Mary Huffer

Mary Huffer


Photo of Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes

Electrical Teacher

Photo of Yasmin Amino Hussain

Yasmin Amino Hussain

CIP Instructional Assistant

Photo of Donald Ivey

Donald Ivey

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Erik Jergensen

Erik Jergensen

Math Teacher

Sigi Jimenez

Assistant Head Custodian

Photo of Camryn Johnson

Camryn Johnson

Art Teacher

Photo of Jethro Joseph

Jethro Joseph

Square One Therapist

Photo of Hannah Karl

Hannah Karl

Lead Teacher

Photo of Noah Klick

Noah Klick

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Renee Knoop

Renee Knoop

AP European & Honors World History Teacher

Photo of Tracey Krell

Tracey Krell

Art Teacher

Photo of Ann Kuper

Ann Kuper

Math Teacher

Photo of Patty Lathrop

Patty Lathrop

Math Teacher

Photo of Meaggan Lee

Meaggan Lee

Receptionist - Door #10 Entry

Photo of Jenny Leverington

Jenny Leverington


Photo of Mitchel Lewis

Mitchel Lewis

Integrated Chemistry/Physics (ICP) Teacher

Photo of Brian Locker

Brian Locker

Global Studies & AP Econ Facilitator

Photo of Andrea Loyal

Andrea Loyal

Science Teacher - EDGE Academy

Photo of Rob Mack

Rob Mack

Instructional Assistant - ELL

Photo of Kristi Mann

Kristi Mann

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin

Instructional Assistant - CIP

Photo of Cim McClelland

Cim McClelland

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Amy McLin

Amy McLin

Head Custodian DCHS

Photo of Sophia Merriman

Sophia Merriman

Learning Center Supervisor

Photo of Robert Millard

Robert Millard

Science Teacher

Photo of Heidi Miller

Heidi Miller

Choice Office Secretary

Photo of Paryis Miller

Paryis Miller

Director, New Tech School of IDEAS

Photo of Matt Mulinaro

Matt Mulinaro

Art Teacher

Photo of Christine Mullis

Christine Mullis

Director, Edge Academy

Photo of Kristen Needy

Kristen Needy

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Charolotte Ortiz

Charolotte Ortiz

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Kara Owens

Kara Owens

School Guidance Counselor

Photo of Kenny Owens

Kenny Owens

Engineering and Technology Ed. Facilitator

Photo of Kameron Packard

Kameron Packard

Teacher of English Language Learners

Photo of Megan Palmer

Megan Palmer

English Teacher

Photo of Paige Parks

Paige Parks

Biology Teacher

Photo of Kim Parrish

Kim Parrish

Child Nutrition - Cafe

Photo of Jason Peace

Jason Peace

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Leslie Piotrowski

Leslie Piotrowski

Assistant Manager - Cafe

Photo of Jennifer Pollard

Jennifer Pollard


Photo of Dustin Polston

Dustin Polston

Quest & Inquiry Learning Center Supervisor

Patty Preston


Photo of Jodi Ramirez

Jodi Ramirez

Social Studies Facilitator

Photo of Noah Ray

Noah Ray

Teacher - Algebra I and II

Photo of Courtney Rogge

Courtney Rogge

GeoIED & Engineering Facilitator

Rosemary Rose


Photo of Erica Sanders

Erica Sanders

Lead Teacher

Photo of Jessica Sandvold

Jessica Sandvold

Secretary - EDGE Academy

Photo of Tyler Schank

Tyler Schank

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Jason Schanzel

Jason Schanzel

Learning Center Supervisor

Photo of Melissa Scheetz

Melissa Scheetz

Social Studies Teacher - EDGE Academy

Photo of Aaron Schlueter

Aaron Schlueter

Health Teacher

Photo of Nathan Shafer

Nathan Shafer

Math Teacher, Math Department Chair

Shannon Shimmer


Photo of Terri Silence

Terri Silence

DC Main Office Receptionist/Secretary

Photo of George Sims

George Sims

Director, Choice Academy

Photo of Conner Smith

Conner Smith

8th Grade Math

Photo of Jensen Smith

Jensen Smith

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Mitch Sprowl

Mitch Sprowl

CTE Teacher - EDGE Academy

Photo of Denny Staton

Denny Staton

Marketing Teacher - EDGE Academy

Photo of Derrek Staton

Derrek Staton

Athletic Assistant

Photo of Tommy Stevens

Tommy Stevens

Learning Center Supervisor - EDGE Academy

Photo of Joy Stewart

Joy Stewart

Physical Education Teacher

Photo of Gale Stone

Gale Stone

Director, Quest & Inquiry Academy

Photo of Jayson Stone

Jayson Stone

CTE Teacher - EDGE Academy

Photo of Julie Stoner

Julie Stoner

Special Education Teacher, Special Education Department Chair

Photo of Abigail Strahla

Abigail Strahla

Agriculture Teacher

Photo of Kurtis Stuckey

Kurtis Stuckey

Math Teacher

Photo of Brian Surber

Brian Surber

CTE Teacher

Photo of Maia Swanson

Maia Swanson

Latin Teacher - Innovation Academy

Photo of Kelly Tate

Kelly Tate

Behavior Specialist - Edge Academy

Photo of Tony Tate

Tony Tate

Special Education Teacher/Assistant Boys Basketball Coach

Photo of Mr. Sam Terrell

Mr. Sam Terrell

Special Needs Teacher

Photo of Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas

Communities in Schools Site Coordinator

Photo of Juli Thomas

Juli Thomas

Innovation Office Secretary

Penny Tillberry


Photo of Matthew Timmons

Matthew Timmons

Teacher, Special Education Edge Academy

Photo of Jaribette Torres

Jaribette Torres

Instructional Assistant - ELL

Photo of Maria Trackwell

Maria Trackwell

Instructional Assistant

Photo of Reagan Trackwell

Reagan Trackwell

Instructional Assistant

Photo of Sheena Turner

Sheena Turner

Receptionist - Decatur Central Career Center

Photo of Karli Urban

Karli Urban

School Counselor

Photo of Ben Wachnicki

Ben Wachnicki

Science Teacher

Photo of Cynthia Wassall

Cynthia Wassall

Physics Teacher

Photo of Claudia Webster

Claudia Webster

Science Teacher

Photo of Rob Weisbach

Rob Weisbach

Engineering and Technology Ed. Facilitator

Photo of Cathy Wendorff

Cathy Wendorff

Family and Consumer Science Teacher

Photo of Nicole Wenzlick

Nicole Wenzlick

New Tech School of IDEAS Secretary

Photo of Vicki White

Vicki White

Kitchen Supervisor

Photo of Evan Wilson

Evan Wilson

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson

School Counselor

Counselor for Quest & Inquiry (Grades 9-12)  

Photo of Jason Wise

Jason Wise

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Tom Woehkner

Tom Woehkner

Psychology Teacher - EDGE Academy

Kim Yarnell

Catering Manager & Site Supervisor