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Welcome to the School of Quest & Inquiry

View an informational flyer about Quest & Inquiry Community here and then check out the video below.

The School of Quest and Inquiry, also known as Q & I is one of the five small learning communities at Decatur Central High School. Q & I focuses on the student-centered learning process of Inquiry, in which the teacher acts as a facilitator of the learning process and the student is fully engaged in this process.

The teacher creates real-world learning environments that employ a context in which learning is relevant and meaningful to the students. Teachers include activities that involve the student as an active learner in a problem-based learning environment.

The inquiry-approach encourages students to learn to question things. The students collaborate with others and exchange ideas. A goal for students is to learn to think critically and at a higher level and to solve problems both independently and collaboratively.

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Quest & Inquiry

Strategic Plan Overview

Quest and Inquiry focuses on student-centered educational exploration and challenges students to Explore their Way to Success.

Strategic Plan: Areas of Focus


Student Engagement

Increase student engagement in the school community to develop a commitment and connection to their educational experience.


Student Achievement

Raise student achievement and focus on individual student growth by monitoring progress and challenging students to excel beyond their limits.


Classroom Instruction

Transform classroom teaching and learning by utilizing innovative technologies, embedding literacy strategies as well as focusing on college and career readiness skills.