We help students, who might not be able to afford prom, go to prom. Through generous community donations, students receive a dress, an accessory and prom ticket, for the price of their ticket. Students outside of Decatur are welcome!



Taylor, DCHS Class of 2014, wrote: “I am so proud that Decatur Central still carries on something so great!!! It started as something that we didn’t even know if it would be successful the year we did it, and here you are 5 years later and it is doing better than ever!! You all are making it possible for these students to have a night that they will never forget!! I am truly so happy that I could help start something so amazing!!”


Hailey, DCHS Class of 2014, wrote: Our Junior Year of high school we noticed a problem in our school and our senior year we decided to do something about it. At prom time during our Junior year in 2013 we noticed there were many girls who wouldn’t get to experience prom because the cost was so extreme. Prom is a once in a life experience and an opportunity to have fun in a way you may never get to do again! Our senior year we decided to take action. We wanted every girl to be able to experience the joy that comes with going to prom, feeling beautiful and celebrating life with your friends and classmates. We collected dresses leading up to prom of 2014 and decided to sell them to pay for prom tickets. We are essentially giving them away and you just had to buy the prom ticket. We worked to make the experience as close to what you’d experience in a store, the only difference being we were in a school. We helped girls try on, took photos and celebrated as they found the dress of their dreams. As a DCHS Alumni and one of the creators of this great program I am so proud and honored that something that started so small has grown into something so great!

Cost of Attending Prom

Prom Tickets:  $50 – $120

DCHS Tickets:  $50

Prom Dress:  $85 – $700

Jewelry and Accessories:  $45 – $200

Shoes:  $30 – $150

A dress from the Decatur Prom Dress Program:  $50, which includes the ticket and an accessory (jewelry or shoes).

Tux Rental:  $60 – $130

Corsage or Boutonniere:  $15 – $60

Hair, Makeup, Nails, and Skincare:  $50 – $350

Total Cost of Prom:  $335 -- $1,710 or $50 - $940

*Pricing info from amarra.com based on costs from 2022


Saturday, January 20 from 10:00 to 2:00

Saturday, January 27 from 10:00 to 2:00

Saturday, March 2 from 10:00 to 2:00

Athletics Door 16


Kathy Everman


317-856-5288 ext. 01002

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