Welcome to the Choice Academy

The Choice Academy focuses upon social, global, and environmental responsibility using a service-learning model.

"Let the Choices you make today be the Choices you can live with tomorrow."

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The Choice Academy graduates students who think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely.


The Choice Academy provides an interdisciplinary approach to learning with a focus on human interaction and current events. Students will develop an understanding of how their choices affect themselves and their world. Students will learn to interact within a community, master the tools they need to make choices in a modern global society and have respect for themselves, others and the world around them.

Parent Involvement=Student Success

Parental involvement and knowledge of their child's progress is beneficial to student success. By using "Skyward Family Access" and Canvas, parents can find grades, view assignments, monitor attendance, and keep informed of how their child is progressing. Parents are encouraged to contact the school or the teacher if questions arise.
Parents have logins and passwords that will allow secure access to Skyward and Canvas. If you do not have your login or password, please contact Mrs. Everman, the Choice Academy Secretary, for your access information.

Director: George Sims