New Synthetic Turf For Devere Fair Stadium

New Synthetic Turf For Devere Fair Stadium


There are numerous things happening in our city that will go down as significant historic events. These events need and deserve our attention. We cannot, however, stop sharing news that is celebratory, knowing that the positive impact will benefit the students and families of MSD of Decatur Township community. We could use some good news….

Devere Fair Stadium is the home field of Decatur Township high school and middle school as well as a host of activities with the Decatur Youth Football League, Decatur Township Performing Arts, the Special Olympics, Decatur Youth Soccer and Decatur Middle School soccer.  It is an integral part of the fabric that makes up our school community. Together we have celebrated big wins, and consoled each other over the losses.  We display jaw dropping talent on the field and our pride by singing our school song at the top of our lungs from the stands.

Now, thanks to generous donors, our very own Devere Fair Stadium has received a facelift. 

On June 1, representatives of MSD of Decatur Township, the Indianapolis Colts, and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)-Indianapolis cut the ribbon on a new synthetic turf field at Devere Fair Stadium, thanks in part to a $250,000 grant by the Colts through the NFL Foundation Grassroots Program.  Those present include the following:

·   Jimmy Ray, School Board President, MSD of Decatur Township

·   Matt Prusiecki, Superintendent, MSD of Decatur Township

·   Justin Dixson, Director of Athletics, MSD of Decatur Township

·   Ted Grain, LISC-Indianapolis

·   Mike Prior, Colts Youth Football Commissioner

.   Scott DeFreese, Principal, Decatur Central HS

Devere Fair marks the 10th Indianapolis field to be funded through the Grassroots program, including fields at Douglass Park (1999), Gustafson Park (2003), Ben Davis High School (2004), Lutheran High School (2005), Christian Park (2006), Evans Football Field (2007), George Washington Community High School (2008), The Legacy Recreation Center/ Arsenal Tech High School (2009) and Central Greens Field (2013).

The NFL Foundation Grassroots Program is a partnership between the NFL Foundation and LISC, the nation’s leading community development support organization.  LISC identifies local, nonprofit, community-based organizations that have an interest in building or refurbishing football fields in schools and neighborhood parks. Through the program, local agencies are provided with the necessary financing and technical assistance to improve the quality and safety of fields in their communities. The organizations oversee the construction, maintenance and programming of the fields.

Without partnerships such as these, projects that improve conditions for our school community would not be possible.  We are Decatur Proud to receive the support, and hope that the benefit to our school and community continues to foster positive relationships through activities in athletics, arts, and academics.