Title I

The mission of Title I is to provide a continuum of services and resources to Title I schools that enrich curriculum and instruction, promote interaction and coordination of supplementary services and resources, and result in excellence and high expectations for educators and students. Through collective efforts, we endeavor to increase accountability for all participants in the educational process; enhance cooperation between school and home; provide educators in Title I schools with greater autonomy for shared decision-making; and most importantly, promote increased educational performance of students attending Title I schools.

Parent Involvement Policy

MSD Decatur Township believes that the education of children is a joint responsibility, one it shares with the parents of the school community. To ensure that the best interests of the child are served in this process, a strong educational program with communication between home and school must be maintained. Decatur Township intends to follow the parental policy guidelines in accordance with Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015.

Activities of Title I:

  1. Parents have the opportunity to participate on a District Planning Team
  2. Parent Liaisons with the help of the school community will provide special parent involvement nights to support learning.
  3. All parents will have the opportunity to participate in a "Back to School Night" where they receive notification of Title I participation, a copy of the Parental Involvement Policy and Student/Parent/School Compact, and an explanation of the curriculum used with the proficiencies students are expected to meet and how they are assessed.
  4. Parents will work with their children on the development of goals during student led conferences. The District will assist the Title I school's Parent Liaison in developing resource materials to assist parents.
  5. During staff development, 1-6 school buildings will participate in activities on how to "Build Ties Between Home and School".
  6. School newsletters and correspondence relating to parent involvement with Title I programs will be sent home in a clear and concise manner and to the extent possible in both English and Spanish.
  7. A Parent Survey will be sent home each school year to evaluate the effectiveness of the Parental Involvement Program. This will assist the Title I Team in making any revisions to those documents.