Fifth Grade

  1. Language Arts: The curriculum includes phonics, grammar, writing, spelling (working with words), and literature based reading.
    1. Scope and Sequence
    2. Primary Literacy Framework
    3. Guided Reading Chart
    4. Reading Series: Journeys by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    5. Indiana Academic Standards for Language Arts
  2. Mathematics: The curriculum is designed to develop a conceptual understanding of mathematical content and the ways in which student synthesize and apply mathematical skills. While developing basic skills necessary to master content at higher levels.
    1. Scope and Sequence
    2. Math Series: Every Day Math by McGraw Hill Education
    3. Indiana Academic Standards for Math
  3. Science: The curriculum is inquiry-based instruction with hands-on learning opportunities. Teachers and students collaborate with Purdue University using the Indiana Science Initiative Kits, K-6. Writing is a key component of this program.
    1. Scope and Sequence
    2. Science Series: Indiana Science Initiative from Purdue University
    3. Indiana Academic Standards for Science
  4. Social Studies: The curriculum is designed for student to examine their own environment, distinguishing between past and present events, developing a sense of time. Students learn about being responsible citizens and begin to understand the characteristics of school and community. Students understand the different jobs people perform in their community.
    1. Scope and Sequence
    2. Social Studies Series: McMillan/McGraw Hill
    3. Indiana Academic Standards for Social Studies