Fall sports are in full swing and Health and Wellness Director Bradley Rose is dedicated to finding ways to improve sports performance among the student body. Rose defines sports performance as the ability of the body and mind to withstand the rigors of a specific sport or sporting activity that can be measured and quantitatively defined by an increase in strength and power, winning a race, decrease in the number or frequency of injuries, jumping for distance or by the outcome on the score board from team competition.

Currently more than 500 student-athletes participate in athletics at Decatur Central High School and nearly 250 student athletes participate within the middle school. Rose understands the challenges of maintaining sports performance while balancing a full course load and wants to ensure that each student-athlete has the knowledge and resources to sustain success in both areas.

During this school year, Rose plans to collaborate with the strength and conditioning coach, head coaches within the district, the athletic department, and food services to assess the needs of student- athletes. In addition, Rose wants to speak with the student-athletes and utilize their feedback to implement tailored programs that will assist and improve their performance on the playing field.


Over the years, various athletic facilities at Decatur Central High School have been renovated to enhance the student-athlete experience. These improvements not only offer first class competition opportunities for the students and community, but allow the school district to continue hosting championship-caliber events for the IHSAA such as regional basketball, baseball and sectional track and field as well as outside camps, competitions and showcases. Check out the list of recently renovated facilities below:


• Main Gym – This facility was initially renovated in the summer of 2008 with the installation of new bleachers, scoreboards and goals. This past spring, the hardwood floor was refinished to appear more ascetically appealing.

• Football Stadium - In 2009, the school district installed bleachers, a home press box and new field turf. Over the past two years, the football stadium was revamped with a beautiful new LED video display scoreboard as well as a visiting press box.

• Track - During the summer of 2016, the school district installed a brand-new track that is on par with most colligate programs.

• Scoreboards - Last summer, three additional scoreboards were installed for baseball, softball and soccer games.