Safety Practices

  • At the start of every school year DTSRO review and update their safety plans for each building. These plans are shared with each school's Safety Committee.
  • Each school has a School Safety Committee made up of Police, Administrators and Teachers who meet to discuss bullying, weather related emergencies, and lock down procedures etc.
  • All school buildings are equipped with emergency first aid kits, AED machines, and a bullhorn if needed.
  • Role play/table top exercises are periodically held with School Safety Specialists and Principals from every school building, Director at the Operations building, and Central Office Staff.
  • AED machines are checked monthly to ensure operational quality.
  • During breaks when the students are not in school, DTSRO re-familiarize themselves with each school in the district. (Interior and Exterior)
  • Visitors/Contractors are required to provide any State Driver's license or any State Identification card to pass through the Raptor screening process, in order to obtain a visitor pass to enter any of the Districts schools without exception.
  • District personnel must have their ID badges visible at all times while on duty.
  • All buildings shall have all exterior doors locked during school hours, and a door access device has been installed on all of their front entry doors.
  • Additional practices, personnel, and support staff that ensure school safety include items not shown on this page because of confidential collaborations, plans, capabilities, and ongoing monitoring that involve not only DTSRO officers, but local law enforcement and lead school staff as well.

The MSD Decatur Township school board members and Superintendent are active in frequent discussions about school safety. This is a Core value and is of the utmost importance.