Stephen Decatur Elementary School People

Photo of Lisa Albright

Lisa Albright

Reading Teacher

Photo of Alyssa Anderson

Alyssa Anderson

5th Grade Teacher

Photo of Stacy Bailey

Stacy Bailey

4th Grade Teacher

Photo of Whitney Baldwin

Whitney Baldwin

Sixth Grade Teacher

Photo of Noah Banks

Noah Banks

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Anita Benjamin

Anita Benjamin

Cafeteria Staff

Photo of Joy Blackburn

Joy Blackburn

School Psychologist

Photo of Amber Bradley

Amber Bradley

Media Assistant

Photo of Kim Chandler

Kim Chandler

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Jay Conway

Jay Conway

Tier 1 Technology Technician

Photo of Cynthia Craig

Cynthia Craig

5th Grade

Photo of Erica Crouch

Erica Crouch

Special Education Assistant

Photo of Sarah Curts

Sarah Curts

Kindergarten Grade Teacher

Photo of Nicole DeBona

Nicole DeBona

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Katelin DeCraene

Katelin DeCraene

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Caitlyn Dowdy

Caitlyn Dowdy

Kindergarten Assistant

Photo of Christina Eaton

Christina Eaton

Child Nutrition

Photo of Haley Everman

Haley Everman

Special Education Assistant

Photo of Traci Fangman

Traci Fangman

6th Grade ELA Teacher

Photo of Kate Ferguson

Kate Ferguson

Special Ed

Photo of Graciella Gonzalez

Graciella Gonzalez


Photo of Wendy Grant

Wendy Grant

Lead Teacher

Photo of Pricilla Hamilton

Pricilla Hamilton


Photo of Karen Hardy

Karen Hardy

Cafeteria Staff

Photo of Brandie Harrell

Brandie Harrell

Instructional Assistant

Photo of Helen Harris
Photo of Tori Herbert

Tori Herbert

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Lynn Hodgkin

Lynn Hodgkin

District Elementary Media Coordinator

Photo of Brittany Huber

Brittany Huber

Fitness Instructor

Photo of Erika Hueston

Erika Hueston

Special Ed IA

Photo of Taylor Jaynes

Taylor Jaynes

Instructional Assistant

Photo of Lauren Kennedy

Lauren Kennedy

2nd Grade Teacher

Photo of Jennifer LaMar

Jennifer LaMar

ELL Teacher

Photo of Tiffani Lang

Tiffani Lang

Second Grade Teacher

Photo of Hannah Law

Hannah Law

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Lindsey Lyons

Lindsey Lyons

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Sabrina McLane

Sabrina McLane

Child Nutrition

Photo of Jewlia Meek

Jewlia Meek

Child Nutrition

Photo of Denise Moore

Denise Moore


Photo of Christina Morgan

Christina Morgan

CIS Coordinator

Photo of Olusegun Ogunyemi

Olusegun Ogunyemi

Music Teacher

Photo of Hanna Pearson

Hanna Pearson


Photo of Jennifer Pearson

Jennifer Pearson


Photo of Tessa Rakes

Tessa Rakes

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Alicia Reedy

Alicia Reedy

4th Grade Teacher

Photo of Ashleigh Ritter

Ashleigh Ritter

4th Grade Teacher

Photo of Bradley Rose

Bradley Rose

Assistant Principal

Photo of Doris Russell

Doris Russell

Child Nutrition

Photo of Samantha Rutherford

Samantha Rutherford

6th Grade Teacher

Photo of Ashton Savage

Ashton Savage

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Shannon Shimer

Shannon Shimer

Head Custodian

Photo of Melissa Shoffner

Melissa Shoffner

ST Teacher

Photo of Ginny Slayton

Ginny Slayton


Photo of Kara Slayton

Kara Slayton


Madison Spears

Learning Support Facilitator

Photo of Corrie Stevens

Corrie Stevens

First Grade Teacher

Photo of Laverna Tracy

Laverna Tracy

CIS Site Coordinator/Student Support Coach

Photo of Rose Webb

Rose Webb

Cafeteria Manager

Photo of Jennifer Whipple

Jennifer Whipple

ST Teacher

Photo of Staci Yohey

Staci Yohey