Media Center FAQ

How long can I keep my books?
Normally, until the next time your class comes to the library. However, we renew books (recheck them out) all the time.

How many books can I have?
Students can have up to two books checked out at a time.

How can I find books in the library?
Use our online library catalog, Destiny. It is a website that shows you all the books in the library. You can search by title, author, subject, series or keyword. Your librarian can also help you find books.

What happens if I forget to bring back my books on library day?
We don’t charge fines for overdue materials. We send notices home several times during the year to help parents know if students have materials that are overdue.

What happens if I lose a book?
If you can’t find it, please ask your parents to help you look at home. Make sure it is not in your desk, backpack or cubby. If you lose a book, you and your parents will need to pay for it. The price of the book is the price the library paid for it. If you don’t return a book at the end of the school year, you will be asked to pay for it.

What happens if I damage a book?
Accidents happen. If the damage is not too bad, we will repair it in the library. If the book is damaged beyond repair, you will need to pay for it.