School Board Recognitions: February 13, 2024

MSD Decatur Seal

The School Board Meeting on February 13, 2024 included several recogntions of students and staff:

These amazing students from the Blue Academy ROCKED the NWEA, far surpassing expected mid-year growth in English/Language Arts and Mathematics AND confidently led the Board Meeting attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance!

Mazeed Amoo, Grayson Brown, Grace Temedekou, Kenan Caro, Chloe Stansbury, Kirsten Moreland

students and adults at board meeting

L to R: Dr. Stephanie Hofer, Interim Superintendent, Blue Academy students, Principal Mr. Adam Allen, Board President Mr. Larry Taylor

Congratulations to Mr. Andy Starnes, Instructional Tech Specialist, who was recognized at the School Board Meeting for the above and beyond assistance he provides to staff and students each day! Mr. Starnes plays a vital role in bridging the gap between curriculum and technology, leveraging his valuable experience as a teacher to understand the needs of both educators and students. His dedication, positive attitude, and expertise are invaluable. Mr. Starnes is #DecaturProud to accept the recognition on behalf of the entire technology team!

3 adults

L to R: Interim Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Hofer, Mr. Andy Starnes, School Board President Mr. Larry Taylor

Blue Academy Teacher, Mrs. Alainey Christy was commended by the School Board for saving the life of her student, Ryan. Without hesitation, she bravely performed the Heimlich maneuver when he was choking on food lodged in his airway. Her calmness and quick thinking saved his life! Mrs. Christy is not only an amazing educator, but a hero as well!

several adults and one child

L to R: Interim Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Hofer, Principal Adam Allen, Ryan, Mrs. Alainey Christy, School Board President Mr. Larry Taylor

Congratulations to Chief Terance Smith of the Decatur Township School Police Department, who was sworn in at the board meeting by Dr. Hofer. Chief Smith is returning to the position he previously held.

Chief Smith

Officer Jeffery Frencher, Dr. Stephanie Hofer, Chief Terance Smith, Sergeant JeJuan Westmoreland, Mr. Larry Taylor