Principal's Corner                                

Dear Families,

Lynwood is a historic and valued elementary in Decatur Township. We are thrilled to have it rejoin the Decatur community. Lynwood will host students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Our desired student traits are kindess, curiosity, and integrity. Our school has a space theme that you can see throughout the building and that supports our strong STEAM focus. 

Our school will focus on safety and joyful learning. We understand that each day, Lynwood is responisble for the most important part of your life as a parent. That is why we understand the need to create a safe and joyful learning environment for all of our students. This year, staff will focus on reading instruction and collaboration in order to engage, grow, and differentiate to meet student needs. Social-emotional learning will be a cornerstone of instruction and community-building in each classroom. 

We send an electronic newsletter on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month to keep up-to-date on our school and community activities and opportunities. Lift Time will occur once a quarter and will highlight student and school growth and achievement. We are so excited to start this journey with your family. Welcome to the cougar family! We are so excited to lift off with you!




Jay Lovell                                                                                                                                  

Principal, Lynwood Elementary