Photo of Jay Lovell

Jay Lovell


Photo of Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith

Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Photo of Brandy Coulombe

Brandy Coulombe


Photo of Kimberly Torres

Kimberly Torres



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Lead Teacher

Photo of Kellie Compton

Kellie Compton

Lead Teacher

Kindergarten Teachers

Photo of Courtney Heath

Courtney Heath

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Stephani Jacobi

Stephani Jacobi

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Christy Tapp

Christy Tapp

Kindergarten Teacher

1st Grade Teachers

Photo of Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Lisa Underhill

Lisa Underhill

1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade Teachers

Photo of Ariel Heavrin

Ariel Heavrin

2nd Grade Teacher

Photo of Monica Sanders

Monica Sanders

2nd Grade Teacher

Photo of Sara Taylor

Sara Taylor

2nd Grade Teacher

3rd Grade Teachers

Photo of Kate Barbin

Kate Barbin

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Elizabeth Dawn Faul

Elizabeth Dawn Faul

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Kira Hochstetler

Kira Hochstetler

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Amy Weigel

Amy Weigel

3rd Grade Teacher

4th Grade Teachers

Photo of Sarah Garcia

Sarah Garcia

4th Grade Teacher

Photo of Jason Kistler

Jason Kistler

4th Grade Teacher

5th Grade Teachers

Photo of Carrie Blaisdell

Carrie Blaisdell

5th Grade ELA Teacher

Photo of Jessica Lalli

Jessica Lalli

5th Grade Teacher

Photo of Payton Livingston

Payton Livingston

5th and 6th Grade Math Teacher

Photo of Martha O'Ellis

Martha O'Ellis

5th and 6th Grade ELA Teacher

Photo of Elizabeth Weiss-Thomas

Elizabeth Weiss-Thomas

5th Grade Math Teacher

6th Grade Teachers

Photo of Crystal Barthel

Crystal Barthel

6th Grade Math Teacher

Photo of Payton Livingston

Payton Livingston

5th and 6th Grade Math Teacher

Photo of Martha O'Ellis

Martha O'Ellis

5th and 6th Grade ELA Teacher

Teachers (Specials)

Photo of Jacob Bainbridge

Jacob Bainbridge

Music Teacher

Photo of Megan Bell

Megan Bell

Physical Education Teacher

Photo of Derick Cale

Derick Cale

STEAM Teacher

Photo of Melanie Carson

Melanie Carson

Reading Teacher

Photo of Samantha Clouse

Samantha Clouse

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Tonya Mercer

Tonya Mercer

SPED Teacher

Photo of Rebecca Starnes

Rebecca Starnes

ELL Teacher

Photo of Gloria Wood

Gloria Wood

Media Center Teacher

Support Staff

Photo of Shelly Abner

Shelly Abner

ELL Instructional Assistant

Photo of Christine Ackerman

Christine Ackerman

Square One Therapist

Photo of Peg Bickel

Peg Bickel

Community in Schools Site Coordinator

Photo of Destiny Blakeslee

Destiny Blakeslee

Instructional Assistant

Photo of Courtney Conn

Courtney Conn

Tier I Technician

Photo of Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher

Speech Language Pathologist

Photo of Lynn Hodgkin

Lynn Hodgkin

District Elementary Media Coordinator

Photo of Stephanie Kasle

Stephanie Kasle

Square 1 Therapist

Photo of Amanda Neal

Amanda Neal

Special Education IA

Photo of Taylor Scott

Taylor Scott


Photo of Ashlee Shisler

Ashlee Shisler

Kindergarten IA

Child Nutrition

Photo of Tina Patterson

Tina Patterson

Kitchen Supervisor

Photo of Somiya Benmoussa

Somiya Benmoussa

Child Nutrition

Photo of Stephanie Bordenkecher

Stephanie Bordenkecher

Child Nutrition

Photo of Stacey Hayden

Stacey Hayden

Child Nutrition

Photo of Brittney Melton

Brittney Melton

Child Nutrition

Photo of Donna Sanders

Donna Sanders

Child Nutrition

Custodial Staff

Photo of Chrissy Coffman

Chrissy Coffman

Head Custodian Lynwood & Liberty

Photo of Brenda Bullins

Brenda Bullins