Coordinators' Corner                            

Dear Families,

We are Decatur Proud to welcome you and your student to the Decatur High Ability Academy!  This is a school specifically designed to meet the needs of high ability students here in central Indiana. Here at the DHAA we pride ourselves in offering authentic, real-world, learning experiences unlike anything students have had in the past.  We plan field trips, interactions with community professionals, and collaborative exercises to enhance the learning and potential of each of our learners.  

The support of parents, families, and community members will be crucial to the success of our students and their learning this year.  We will be sharing opportunities for these individuals as the year progresses and look forward to the growth they will push our students to achieve.  If you are interested in volunteering please visit the "DHAA Parent Volunteer" page on our website.

This year will be all about making connections between content areas, areas of interest, and real-life.  Learners will be held to higher standards, new types of thinking, and progressive problem solving skills.  Students may not feel successful in these new ways of learning at first, but we will strive to give them continuous support and encouragment until they adapt and thrive. 

Our goal with this program is for students to learn new ways of thinking/problem solving that will push them to higher levels of success in their future endeavors.  This will better prepare them for advanced courses and opportunites at Decatur Middle School, High School, and beyond. Our teachers and leaders are excited to see the progress that our students and staff make this year!  We are Decatur Proud of the chance to provide such an amazing opportunity to the students of MSD Decatur Township Schools & look forward to working with you all this year.  



Mrs. Rachel Nesbit & Mr. Jacob Apollos

High Ability Coordinators

Decatur High Ability Acadamy