Decatur High Ability Academy

The Decatur High Ability Academy is a new program offered to a select number of High Ability students from around central Indiana. The program was developed on the premise that gifted learners thrive on depth, complexity, and relevance to their lives, making meaningful connections within and across disciplines as they explore big ideas. They grapple with multiple perspectives, and enjoy opportunities to engage imaginatively and creatively with what they're learning through story, art, role play, and other modes of self-expression. They need opportunities to look at real-life problems through the lenses of scientists, engineers, historians, mathematicians, writers, and researchers. Many gifted learners want to make significant contributions and impact the world around them. 

Decatur High Ability Academy provides students with a variety of experiences throughout the day so they can make connections to content and the real world, as well as explore and identify their own interests. The curriculum at DHAA is centered around STEM and Project Based Learning. 


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Decatur High Ability Academy Decatur Proud images of students with hands on materials