Since its inception in 1992, the Decatur Township Scholarship Association has been providing scholarships to selected Decatur Township students each year. Initially offering twelve $500 scholarships, the program has grown to offer over 1,000 scholarships, equaling a grand total of $1,028,550. This tremendous milestone is all thanks to the dedicated and passionate volunteers ranging from parents to faculty to community members that make up this wonderful program. In fact, some of the previous recipients make up the DTSA’s board and are now lawyers, doctors, and even teachers employed within MSD of Decatur Township schools.

What makes DTSA unique is that the program offers scholarships not only to graduating Decatur Township students, but college undergraduates and vocational/technical students as well. Whether you are applying for the first time or looking to renew a previously awarded scholarship, recipients are selected based on GPA, SAT scores and community involvement. If awarded a scholarship, students have complete control over what they put the $1,000 toward during their educational journey.

Ever since DTSA became its own scholarship association, the scholarships are funded by various community activities and events including concession stands, homecoming flowers, snowcoming chili supper, and the annual Phon-a-Thon fundraiser where students earn points toward earning a scholarship for volunteering. Additionally, more than 20 scholarships are fully funded by businesses and families looking to give back to the Decatur Township community.

We are very proud to have such a wonderful program like DTSA in place within MSD of Decatur Township. Each $1,000 scholarship shows our commitment to support our students and value their path to success.

Congratulations to the following 2018 scholarship recipients:

Sejna  Alibegovic

Patrick L Asher

Luke A Black

Liza M Burns

Marissa R Burton

Emily V Cox

Logan M Crum

Austin J Evans

Abigail N Fisher

Nicholas D Howard

Emily E Huber

Destini D Hutchison

Nicolas L Johnson

Lyndsey M McHugh

Jake C McWilliams

Tayaba S Nadeem

Kaylee M Pearson

Noreen N Siddiqui

Breena B Smith

Krysta N Smith

Rhiannon M Turner

Jennie M Balsano

Andrew D Bex

Jonathan W Bradbury

Sierra N Bradway

Andrianna S Bryars

Allison P Davis

Alicia D Gary

Katie M Huber

Victoria C Ison

Mahaila J Martin

Carlee M Merkling

Lillious S Moore

Elizabeth G Morris

Madison L Pence

Erynne R Pope

Noah J Ray

Olivia P Thomas

Victoria N Turner

Elizabeth A Voelkel

Morgan T Wade

Alexander J Wright

Nicholas R Wright