Welcome to the Gold Academy Media Center!

DELC Media CenterThe Gold Academy Media Center is an important part of the instructional program at our school. As the MSD of Decatur Township moves toward a Digital Transformation, our Media Center program is evolving beyond the traditional library to include ebooks, digital resources, research instruction and a maker space.

Digital Citizenship, the safe, effective use of technology, is an important part of our Media Center curriculum. At Decatur Township, we want to ensure that your student learns to use technology wisely. We have implemented the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship curriculum for all students. At the elementary schools, we teach that curriculum in the Media Center. Some areas students learn about are making good choices about websites, not giving out personal information online, respecting copyrights, effective online searching and cyberbullying prevention. If you are a parent who wants to know more about kids and media, go to www.commonsensemedia.org/parent-concerns.

Our online library catalog, Destiny, provides access to print books, ebooks and electronic resources that align with our curriculum. These resources are used throughout our school to promote teaching and learning. In addition, we have included some other great electronic resources in this webpage.

Destiny-our online library catalog:  Destiny Library Catalog

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