Principal's Corner

Dear Decatur Township School for Excellence Families,

My name is Brian Bulmer, Principal of the Decatur Township School for Excellence (DTSE).  I’m honored and excited to be able to work with each of you as we embark on the educational journey here in Decatur Township.  As a member of the DTSE family, your support and input is greatly appreciated. Throughout the school year we will talk a lot about taking our school from “Good to Great”.  In order for us to accomplish this goal we will need a strong partnership between families and the school. Our goal is to prepare every student to be the best version of themselves and prepare them to be tomorrow ready.

The upcoming year will be filled with unknowns due to COVID. Throughout this school year be prepared for staff to share E+R=O. E stands for Events, R stands for our Response, and O stands for Outcomes. We realize that events in our life are often out of our control. It is important that we recognize our Response to situations to produce positive Outcomes. The more positive our response, the more positive the outcomes in most situations. Be prepared for a year of learning and always consider your response as it can lead to great outcomes!

The Decatur Township School for Excellence serves as the alternative school option for Decatur Central High School. DTSE offers programs to provide learning opportunities that fit the needs of each individual student.

The programs are as follows:

  • Student Enrichment and Transition Pathway(STEP)-9th and 10th grade on track program.
  • Blending Learning Pathway(BLP)-11th and 12th grade credit recovery/advancement program.

At DTSE we take pride in the fact that we are truly committed to the responsibility, academic achievement, and personal growth of every student. We strive to ensure that each student makes significant progress towards his or her potential. Our excellent staff works daily to build relationships with students that are meaningful, fostering an environment where everyone feels included and welcomed. At DTSE we are family! 

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We strive to be a school community where our staff, students, and families are proud to belong. DTSE is a safe, secure, progressive institution where students can pursue their interests. DTSE students have a voice and opportunities to explore potential college and career paths.

We hope that you will have a great school year, and want you to know that we are here to serve you. Feel free to contact us with your wants, needs, or if you would like to help support our programs. Thanks for being a Trailblazer!

Expect Excellence,

Brian Bulmer
(317) 856-0900