Important Macbook Tasks to Complete

___ Connect to your H drive on your Macbook

___ Transfer your H drive documents to your new Google Drive

___ Transfer important C drive documents from your PC to your new Google Drive

___ Transfer any school documents you have in your personal Google Drive to your new school Google Drive

___ Add your printer to your Macbook

  • When you transfer your documents to your Google Drive, it will still be in whatever format you made the document in. For example, if its a Word document that is .doc or .docx, it will be listed as this in your Google Drive. Since your Macbook does not have Microsoft Word, the file will need to be converted to a Google Doc so you can view/edit it. All you have to do is double click on the document and it will open in a preview window. At the top there is an option called, “Open with”. Choose Google Docs and it will convert your Word document to a Google Doc. You can do the same with Microsoft Excel sheets converting to Google Sheets, and Powerpoint converting to Google Slides.

  • Another option is to change the settings in your Google Drive to convert everything automatically. Go to the settings in your Google Drive, which is the gear symbol over to the right. Click “Settings”, then check the box for Convert Uploads.