2017-2018 Digital Learning Grant Results

In 2017 MSD Decatur Township was awarded an Indiana Department of Education Digital Learning Grant. The grant funded the training of approximately 48 teachers on how to currate resources to create Open Education Resources to be used in their classrooms. The teachers receieved MacBooks in addition to the training to create their Open Education Resources in iBook Author. Below are the published books by the teachers. All books are available in the iBooks store and are free! We hope you find a topic and book that you can use. Moreover we hope you are inspired by these books to create your own Open Education Resources. 

OER/iBook 2017-2018
Name School Grade Level Link to iBook in Apple's iBook Store

Hartwyk, Huffman

Blue 4

Native American Tribes in Indiana

4th grade book covering Indiana standards on Native American Tribes

Hanni, Powers, Barrett, Lyons



This is a book for 5th grade about techniques that writers use to develop ideas for writing.

Schoettle, Nesbit Blue 3

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Aimee Hawley DCHS  


This book covers an intro to biology, including the questions of what is life and what is science.

Brian Nay DCHS  

Possessive Nouns

This is a life skills book dealing with possessive nouns.

Courtney Rogge DCHS  


GeoIED is a combination of Geometry with Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW). The course is taught as a project based course and includes six projects and three sections that are smaller problem based units.

Daryl Gibbs DCHS  

Promotional Module

This module is our unit on promoting our community garden.

Emily Blue DCHS  

The Great Gatsby

This ibook was made to pair with The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Karen Harwood DCHS  

Geometry 1

This unit explores the all important foundations for geometry. 

Kathleen Riley DCHS  

Shakespeare's Hamlet

Part one of this book is an overview of Shakespeare's life and times. Part two is the text of Hamet.

Kevin Marler DCHS  

Economics Handbook

This iBook is intended as a handbook to accompany a high school level economics class.

Nathaniel Shafer DCHS  

Algebra 1A

The sections in this book cover rational numbers, integer operations, order of operations, rational and irrational numbers, solving equations, and expressions.

Weston Heeren DCHS  

Let's Get Down to Physics

This is a supplemental OER textbook for a High School Physics course.

Elaina Gibbs DMS   Parts of a Sentence
Emily Lepore DMS  


Constructed response strategy

Erin Minnick DMS  

Primary Sources

This is an introductory lesson about primary source materials.

Joan Tejchma DMS  

Forces and Motion

This book is an introduction to force and motion.

John Hartwyk DMS  


My book is an introduction to the globe and how we track location.

Rachel Johnson DMS 8

8th Graders, Get Ready Now

Students use the included resources to research the 10 skills that have been suggested by teachers as necessary for success for life after middle school.

Thomas Iliff DMS   Scientific Method
Tiffany Murray DMS   Four Types of Nouns
Dennis Massengil DMS   Algebra 2
David Caliguiri DMS  


In this book you will learn the basic building blocks of the grammatically correct sentence.

Katie Smith DMS  


This chapter for Algebra focuses on systems of equations and solving systems of equations.

Nate Bingham DMS  


This lesson contains content on how to properly write an effective RADDD response.

Jeryn Crouch DTSE   Geometry
Laurie Sheldrake DTSE   Integrated Chemistry and Physics
Jessica Hopkins Gold 3 Rocks and Minerals
Amy Lahrman LEE K

Alphabet Blocks

This is an interactive book that is meant to supplement the Jack Hartmann letter sound song.

Mills, Nichols, Casselman LEE K

Phonemic Awareness

This is a book for preschool and/or kindergarten students.

Kim Edwards LEE K


Insects a Preschool Mini Theme suggests ideas for circle time activities and station time activities to do with preschool aged children about insects.

Christy Tapp LEE K

Sight Words

Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad (have)
The Ocean

Kellie Compton LEE K

Sight Words 

We Go
Book Title
Is Up
Call Me
Come With Me

Stefanie Husejnovic LEE K

Sight Words

Just Like Me
I Ran and Jumped
The Scarecrow
What Can It Do?
Is It On?

Samantha Rutherford SD 6 Writing for Purpose
Lisa Jaynes SD 4

Monument Circle

Monument Circle in Indianapolis is one of the most iconic places in Indiana, but do you know its history?

Randi Tolentino Tech  

More about OER

A guidebook for teachers who are interested in learning more about Open Education Resources.

Reed, Klotz VM 3 Reading Comprehension Strategies
Jennifer Keller VM 5 Figurative Language
Sarah Hoffmann VM Sped Basic Phonics
Cesnik-kight, Hofmeister WN 4 Compare and Contrast
Kay Washer WN 6


This book was written to inform students about the different forms of plagiarism and how to recognize them.
Susan Keene WN 3

Going Batty

Learn about all the unique characteristics that bats display.