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Experience- Inquiry- Create- Reflect

Imagine Mission Statement

Integrating the arts into reading, writing, math social studies and science to inspire, challenge, and empower student to academic success! 

Welcome to IMAGINE Decatur Middle School's Small Learning Community for the Arts. In IMAGINE we creatively teach standards based core subjects through the arts! Our goal in IMAGINE is to create engaging and meaningful lessons through the arts as a pathway to higher levels of academic thinking and achievement.

In IMAGINE we utilize Artful Learning which encompasses an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that meets the needs of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. ‘Art’ within the community is defined as meaningful inquiry, creations and reflections resulting in student learning and achievement.

These methods are implemented through a variety of ways to align our work with Decatur Middle School’s mission to create highly engaging activities, materials, and settings for learning that are too good – too interesting – for students to resist and increases student achievement.

Follow our Small Learning Community on Twitter and Facebook. Also below you will find a link to an informational flyer on Artful Learning and our Small Learning Community.

Adam Love, Director

Lori Voss, Guidance