Explorations Community will give you the opportunity to explore your interests and personal learning style. By providing a variety of tasks, teachers are helping students explore the learning style that best suits them and make an informed decision about the community they would like to join when they move to the high school, and the career path that they will take in their future.

The first step in identifying career possibilities involves looking internally to identify key interests, values, skills, priorities, personality, work style, and environment issues that are critical to your work satisfaction.

The second step is to explore and research the work world around you to see jobs, careers, and work options that are available. Exploring takes your self-assessment a step further by looking at your personal interests, skills, values, and work-life needs and narrowing down areas of possibilities.

Along the way of assessing and exploring you will be making decisions. Think through what is important in your life and in your work. Get a clear sense of your priorities, values, roles, expectations, and preferred balance between work, other roles, and obligations to yourself and others. The most important question to ask is "How will I decide to decide?" What will you use as your criteria to evaluate your options and your experiences?

All of this future focused exploration, reflection and self-assessment is embedded into a rich academic curriculum that will prepare you with the necessary skills and knowledge for the successful future of your choice.