Area 31 Career Center

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Phone: (317) 988-7230

Click on the link to view the 2018-19 Area 31 Curriculum Guide to view the program courses at our local (CTE) career and technical education center or visit the Area 31 website for more information. 

  • Applications for the 18-19 school year will be available online in January 2018
  • When planning your with Course Planner or submitting a schedule request you will block out 3 periods for the Area 31 program to which you are applying.
  • Students who are not accepted at Area 31 will be required to fill their schedule with courses from their home school.

Important Things to Consider

  1. Grades, attendance and discipline all factor into the career center's decision making process for applicants.
  2. Students that attend the career center spend 3 hours there and the remainder of their day at their home school.
  3. Students who are deficient in credits may have difficulty staying on track due to the time constraints.
  4. Transportation to and from Area 31 is provided by MSD of Decatur Township.
  5. Attendance at Area 31 is taken very seriously and truant and habitually absent students will not be successful in the programs.  Missing one day of classes is like missing three (3) days in a traditional classroom.
  6. Many of the programs offer an opportunity to earn low cost or no cost dual credits that transfer to various post-secondary institutions.
  7. Dual credits earned at Area 31 will count toward the College and Career Pathway courses required for a Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Schools can attend Area 31 Career Center?

A: Avon, Ben Davis, Brownsburg, Cascade, Danville, Decatur Central, Decatur Township School For Excellence, Monrovia, Mooresville, Plainfield, Speedway, and Tri-West.

Q: How do I know if I have been accepted after I apply?

A: You will receive notification from your school counselor in April.

Q: What are the hours of each session?

A: There are two sessions; AM 7:35 - 10:03  and PM 12:02 - 2:31. Some classes are only one or two hours long. Cosmetology, Aviation Maintenance, and Truck Driving require additional time.

Q: What is the attendance policy?

A: Students must be in attendance the days Area 31 has class even if their home school does not. One exception to this would be if the home school is closed for inclement weather. Offsite programs adhere to the schedule at the individual sites.

Q: What is the cost of the program?

A: Tuition is paid by the home school district but it does not include required tools, uniforms, or additional textbook/lab materials. Each program varies.

Q: Can I earn college credit?

A: Most of the programs offer college credit.

Q: Are there clubs?

A: Students are able to be involved in the following national organizations which help improve skills: SkillsUSA, Health Occupations Students of America, Future Farmers of America, and National Technical Honor Society.

Q: What services are provided for students?

A: Students may receive tutoring for classes, career counseling, post-secondary information, scholarship information, resume and job interview training, job placement for co-op programs.