INDIANAPOLIS — The Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Decatur Township, a diverse and nationally recognized school district for its innovation initiatives and community-learning approach, is excited to announce the grand opening of its state-of-the-art Innovation and Design Hub.


The Indianapolis-based school district transformed the third level of the Decatur Township School of Excellence to bring to life the Innovation and Design Hub. The new addition will serve as a learning space available to students, teachers and faculty district-wide for enhanced instruction and learning opportunities.


“We are extremely eager to start integrating our pathway curriculums in a way that will best utilize the Innovation and Design Hub,” said Dr. Matt Prusiecki, superintendent of MSD of Decatur Township. “The hub will be an invaluable resource to our school district and expand learning capabilities amongst our educators to better prepare students for future careers and pathways.”


The innovative space will house advanced technology such as interactive promethium boards, 3D printers, audio/visual production, a computer programming lab and more technologies that will help students develop better computer, problem-solving and design thinking skills. From elementary to high school, all grades are welcome to utilize the new hub during school hours for class-driven instruction, group-based assignments and individual learning. It is also specifically designed to replicate an open lab concept to host dozens at a time, providing quiet environments as well as presentation spaces.


In alignment with the school district’s small learning communities, the Innovation and Design Hub will also offer students unique opportunities to work with local industry partners one-on-one to gain knowledge and experience that correlates with the student’s pathway-specific curriculum.


“The Innovation and Design Hub will be a remarkable asset to our students,” said Brian Bulmer, director of the Innovation and Design Hub and work-based learning. “It opens the door to industry-based learning opportunities that will serve as a liaison space between school and industry, giving Decatur Township students direct access to industry experts who can help evolve their critical thinking with real world experiences.”


The addition of the new creative learning space works hand-in-hand with MSD of Decatur Township’s efforts to provide its students with educational innovation and high-quality opportunities. Recently, the school district provided a personal MiFi hotspot to every student enrolled at MSD of Decatur Township in grades 3-8 for the 2018-19 school year at no cost to the students, granting equal access to online learning. These innovative advancements coupled with the new Innovation and Design Hub will give Decatur Township students the resources and tools needed to succeed post-graduation.