Operations People

Photo of Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson

Director of Facilities

Photo of Christopher Hogan

Christopher Hogan

Assistant Director of Facilities

Photo of Chrissy Coffman

Chrissy Coffman

Head Custodian Lynwood & Liberty

Photo of Deb Faust

Deb Faust

Custodial Supervisor

Photo of Charles Parker

Charles Parker

Head Custodian WN

Photo of Shannon Shimer

Shannon Shimer

Head Custodian SD

Photo of Staci Yohey

Staci Yohey

Head Custodian/Blue & Gold Academies

Photo of Deanna Powell

Deanna Powell

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Dustin Cale

Dustin Cale

Maintenance Tech

Photo of Kristine Day

Kristine Day

Head Custodian VM

Photo of Tim Denson

Tim Denson

Maintenance Tech

Photo of Betty Hutto

Betty Hutto

Head Custodian DTSE/DHAA

Photo of Amy McLin

Amy McLin

Head Custodian DCHS

Photo of Kenneth "Will" Moore

Kenneth "Will" Moore

Maintenance Tech

Photo of Robert Stafford

Robert Stafford

Maintenance Tech

Photo of Penny Tillberry

Penny Tillberry

Head Custodian DMS

Photo of Rich Carter

Rich Carter

Maintenance Tech