MSD of Decatur Twp Tax Calculator

MSD of Decatur Township Schools

May 2019 Operating Referendum

Marion County, Indiana

How to find your Gross Assessed Value

1. Visit the Marion County Assessor's website and look for your Property Record Card.

2. Refer to your most recent Annual Tax Statement from the County Treasurer. Table 1: Line 1a, 1b or 1c.

Estimated Impact of the Proposed School's Operating Referenda

Estimated Cost of Operating Referenda


  1. Real property assessments are adjusted annually due to changes in market conditions. The referenda liability will change in relation to changes in parcel gross assessed values.
  2. Homestead parcels are assumed to have homestead, supplemental homestead and mortgage deductions.
  3. For simplicity, local income tax property tax credits and/or over 65 credits have NOT been included in the tax calculator estimate and your actual tax bill may be less than what is estimated in the calculator.
  4. The tax liability is based on an 8 year operating referenda. At the end of the 8 years, the referenda will expire.