Global Learning

Global Learning LogoThe DMS Global Community strives to nurture a sense of global awareness. Our world has become more and more connected in the last few centuries and that trend is only gaining momentum. Our mission is to create a sense of global awareness and mutual respect for all cultures. As we work to be good citizens of the United States, we also want to become better Global citizens in the process.

Global Learning Models is a social impact education venture focused on real, relevant and purpose-driven programs for students. Our mission is to reinvent educational practices, to reinvigorate communities of learning, and to repurpose the student learning process both in and out of school.

Global citizenship is the ultimate outcome of global learning curriculum. The curriculum designer will need to reflect on the proposed unit in order to verify that the curriculum is contributing to the acquisition of the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of a global citizen. Students who have participated in global learning curriculum should mature into global citizens who respect humanity and desire an equitable, sustainable future for all.

Student knowledge, attitudes and skills that are gained through global learning activities and projects. Skills such as critical thinking, creativity, reflection, metacognition, collaboration and ethical decision making are required when students are given a substantive and authentic goal to achieve. To participate in intercultural situations, students need knowledge including the interconnectedness and interdependence of humanity and the environment, and understanding of culture. Finally, students need attitudes such as respect for diversity, open-mindedness, and trustworthiness.

Established: 2013

Melissa Harvey, Assistant Principal
Ext. 8002

Gail Barrett, Guidance
Ext. 8014

7th Grade Teachers
Tiffany Murray - Language Arts
Stephanie Davis - Mathematics
Erin Gettinger - Global Studies
Joan Tejchma - Science

8th Grade Teachers
Shelby Lowe - Language Arts
Jinny Houser - Mathematics
Shane Phipps - U.S. History
Maryanne Hammonds - Science

Special Education
Jenny Gaston

Kathy Rudisill - Health