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Explorations Community will give students the opportunity to complete a variety of tasks including student driven explorations, multi-media presentations, and service learning projects that encourage academic and social growth for all students. By providing a variety of tasks for our students, we are helping them explore the learning style that best suits them and make an informed decision about the community they would like to join when they move to the high school.The first step in identifying career possibilities involves looking internally to identify key interests, values, skills, priorities, personality, work style, and environment issues that are critical to your work satisfaction.

Students will explore interests:

Interests can range from the general (e.g. I like to write) to the specific (I am interested in women's health care). Consider these questions when self-assessing your interests:

  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • What activities make you lose track of time?
  • What are the most interesting jobs you can think of?
  • What kinds of things would you do if money were no object?

No one can tell you what your skills are-you must be reflective about the experiences that you have had in order to know what skills you possess. Think about these things:

  • What skills and activities come naturally to you?
  • What skills do you enjoy using?
  • What skills would you like to develop?
  • What skills do employers desire?

Explore and Research Options

The second step is to explore and research the work world around you to see jobs, careers, and work options that are available. By reviewing these considerations, you will make a more informed decision about your next step.

Exploring takes your self-assessment a step further by looking at your personal interests, skills, values, and work-life needs and narrowing down areas of possibilities. Here are some suggestions and resources to help you explore.

Reflect and Decide

Along the way of assessing and exploring you will be making decisions. Think through what is important in your life and in your work. Get a clear sense of your priorities, values, roles, expectations, and preferred balance between work, other roles, and obligations to yourself and others. The most important question to ask is "How will I decide to decide?" What will you use as your criteria to evaluate your options and your experiences?

Established: 2014

Michael Gath, Assistant Principal

Lori Voss, Guidance
Ext. 8013

7th Grade Teachers
Elaina Gibbs - Language Arts
Whitney Serrianne - Mathematics
Natalie Lay - Global Studies
Tom Iliff - Science

8th Grade Teachers
Tina Wilkerson - Language Arts
Sara McCabe - Mathematics
Cari Hair - U.S. History
Keith Manring - Science

Special Education
Lynn Parker

Jill Meerman - Physical Education
Allison Krauss - Band
Wes Sanders - Problem Solving