Moving your C drive Documents to your Google Drive

  1. You can use your Macbook to get to your H drive documents that are on the server, but you cannot get to the documents you have saved on your C drive. This is because the C drive is the hard drive on your desktop computer and not on the server. So, you will want to transfer all your important documents from your computer’s C drive to your Google Drive. This would include anything important you save to your desktop.

  2. If you haven’t done so already, you might want to organize your C drive documents into folders so you can move them all at once instead of one document at a time.

  3. Open up your Google Drive. Grab the edge of the web browser and shrink it to half the screen.

  4. Create a folder, or folders, in your Google Drive that you want to move your C drive documents into.

  5. Now, it’s as simple as click and drag the documents you want to transfer from your computer to your Google Drive and drop them in. The computer does the rest.

  6. You can click and drag an entire folder over to your Google Drive as well and it will create a folder by the same name.  This is much faster than dragging one document at a time.

Other option:

  1. If you have a really big USB stick, you can copy all your important documents from your C drive on your desktop computer onto it.

  2. Plug the USB into your Macbook and open its contents.

  3. Drag and drop your documents into your Google Drive just like above.