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Contact Instructor: Kier Colon


The Ivy Tech College Readiness Center (CRC) is a year-long course designed to assist and support high school students in becoming academically ready for college and developmentally prepared for rigors of college life and the culture of college success. The purpose is for students to be able to take advantage of dual credit opportunities while in high school. Students earn one high school credit per semester for the course. The second semester of the CRC introduces students to the rigors of college level work with enrollment in the 1 credit hour IVYT 111–Basic Skills course and establishes their actual college transcript. Students have homework assignments, a project to complete and learn to access and navigate Ivy Tech’s learning platform, Blackboard, for information, assignments and communication.


The goal of the program is for students to be admitted to the Ivy Tech Professor on Loan Program (POL) or any other post-secondary institution and earn credit toward degree completion without the qualifier of having to enroll in remedial courses.

Through a variety of interactive activities and experiences in CRC, students will learn the language, culture and habits of mind necessary to be successful in college. The curriculum includes teacher-guided, online learning in reading, writing and/or mathematics. The course introduces students to the rigors and responsibilities of college. Topics covered focus on applying critical thinking strategies in the areas of time management, media literacy, learning styles, study skills, career planning, money management, and resource utilization.

Candidate Criteria

Recommended students are those with the motivation and ability to transition to a post-secondary institution upon graduation from high school.

Additional candidate criteria include:

  • 11th or 12th grade
  • cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater
  • students who score within 10 points of college readiness in two or more areas on the ACCUPLACER assessment or a similar range on other assessment tools such as PSAT

Integration With POL and ASAP

  • Eligible 11th grade students can sign up for Professor on Loan (POL) classes for their senior year
  • Eligible 12th grade students can sign up for POL classes 2nd semester of their senior year
  • Eligible 12th grade students can apply to the Ivy Tech ASAP program